of the Blood Talons

Chronicle: New Orleans by Night
Birth Name: Allison Davis
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust
Concept: Hedonist Warrior
Pack: The Hellhouse Haunts/Firekillers

Intelligence: XXOOO
Resolve: XXXXO
Strength: XXXOO
Dexterity: XXXXO
Stamina: XXXXX
Presence: XXXXO
Manipulation: XXXOO
Composure: XXOOO
Crafts: XOOOO Bedazzling!
Computer: XOOOO
Investigation: XOOOO
Medicine: XOOOO
Occult: XXXXO
Politics: XOOOO Shmoozing
Athletics: XXXOO
Brawl: XXXOO
Drive: XXXOO
Firearms: XXOOO
Larceny: XOOOO
Stealth: XXOOO
Survival: XOOOO
Weaponry: XXXXX Blades
Animal Ken: XOOOO
Empathy: XXXXO
Stripping/Singing XXXXX
Drumming XXOOO
Intimidation: XXOOO
Persuasion: XXXXX Seduction
Socialize: XXXXX Bartending
Streetwise: XXXOO
Streetwise: XXOOO
New Orleans
Streetwise: XXXOO
Las Vegas
Subterfuge: XXOOO
Other Traits:
Striking Looks: XXXXO
Two Weapons: XXXXX
Ambidextrous: XXXOO
Notorious: XXXOO

-Impulsive (addicted to new thrills)
Harmony: 6
Size: 5
Speed: 12
Defense: 3
Armor: 0
Gift Lists:
Half Moon
Mother Luna

From Wolf-blooded Sleepwalker to Werewolf to Ghoul to Vampire and back to Werewolf again.
No other being in the history of the world has undergone such changes.
It hasn't been without its consequences...
"My name is Sin.
People always ask me why I call myself that. To me when someone 'sins' it means they're breaking the rules, and breaking the rules has always been what I do best.

If you want to get close to me, I should warn you that I am a bunch of contradictions: I am so simple yet so complex; I am very delicate yet as tough as nails; I sink into despair so quickly yet I'm the most stubborn and determined person I know; I'm such an emotional romantic yet also a selfish nymphomaniac; I get jealous and heartbroken so easily yet I'm insensitive and break others' hearts; I'm soft and tender and quick to tears one minute and violent and vengeful and quick to kill the next; I alternate between being miserable and wanting to die to being so excited that my heart is filled with love for life and everyone around me.

If that freaks you out and you want to leave now, don't worry-- you won't be the first...or the last. The road I've traveled has always been filled with danger and heart-break and bad choices. But if you come along on this journey with me there will be excitement and passion and adventure that you won't get from anywhere else. And I can promise you this: you'll never forget me."

Sin's Friends, Lovers & Contacts
(in order of when she met them)

Shawn Larson

"Shawn was my first...everything. Back in those days I was such a naive romantic. Tristan reminds me so much of how I was back then. I thought me and Shawn would be together forever...that it would be us against the world. It didn't take long for it all to fall apart. And with that fall my innocence was lost-- not just my virginity, but my belief that if I fell in love with someone that it would be like it was in fairytales. If my first had only been a different guy I'd probably be a different girl right now. The one thing he DID leave me with was Lance. You can see they look almost identical-- that's been difficult for me over the years. But at least Lance hasn't turned out to be like his father. I did SOMETHING right when I left him in Grandma & Grandpa's care."


"When I was little all I knew was that Mercedes was my mom's best friend, and I assumed she was the one keeping Mom from being with me. After I Changed into a werewolf, it's like a wall broke down and she and Mom were suddenly accessible to me all the time. She's the one who looked deeper into me past everything I was putting out there and saw potential. She turned an angry teenager into a warrior. I'd never put so much time or dedication into anything before that. Being her star student made me feel valuable to the pack. But while she was my mentor, she was also my jailer. I know it was her duty pound the Litany into our heads and keep Blue and I apart, but I hate her for it."


"Oh Ishtar. I'll always love you-- you know that-- but why have you turned into such a judgmental person?? I wish I could get you to understand that no matter how much you disapprove of me loving and living with Mason and helping and supporting Princess Masuimi, nothing you say can change my mind or make me think I've made a mistake, so just stop the lecturing already and accept my choices!! I feel like there's such a small number of people from my past who I can just go to and girl-talk and gush about love and life with. Why can't you be that someone? Why will you only be that someone when I'm making decisions that you approve of? You always SAY that you love me unconditionally...well...PROVE it!"


"Blue...where do I even start? It does no good to list past regrets. When we were good together we were very, very good. But when we were bad together we were horrid. If I could do it all again I would have made different choices, but I don't regret what I've became. I'm glad we at least gave it a try. Thank you for loving me and for being willing to start over again so many times-- even though no matter how many times we started over we just couldn't get it to work."


"Even after losing my wolf I still clung to our pack and was in denial that I wasn't a werewolf anymore because they were my lifeblood. I loved so much belonging to a group where I mattered and was important and was wanted and needed. Even after I became a ghoul, no matter how bad things got or what Akita thought of my choices he was still my pack-leader...still my rock in the storm.
Losing Michael was bad enough, but when Akita died it's like a tether snapped and I felt like I was falling in an abyss-- unconnected to anything. Maybe it's what needed to happen before I'd finally be able to let go of my werewolf-self and move on like everyone wanted me to, but whenever I visit New Orleans and remember that Akita won't be at the Hellhouse I just start bawling and feel so lost."


"It's been so wonderful having Koi back in the pack and living at the Hellhouse again! Despite her protests, she'll always be our pack-mother. She gave our pack its culture-- helping us to combine werewolf-lore with urban living. And I love that our kids were able to grow up together and are going to college together! I can't believe our kids are in college...we aren't old enough to have kids in college!!"


"Muse is a real survivor. After the bus-accident she was literally the only living Hellhouse Haunt left. Then Koi and Blue re-joined and it was almost like the old days again. And now I've got my wolf back, and Michael's back, and we're all a pack again! Muse lived through it all-- seen every member come and go and some even come back again-- and there she is, still ready with a warm smile and hug, still optimistic and fun, and still carrying on. I don't know how she does it, but she's an inspiration."


"Everyone in our original pack were orphans of some kind. But we were lucky because we had people who loved us and cared about us and stepped in to fill the role of 'parent.' For me the role of father was always Locke. Locke did something I'd never seen another werewolf do: he brought his wife and daughter to our holiday gatherings. He loved his daughter Angela so much-- she was his world. You could see it in his eyes-- she was so lucky to have him as her father! I would have given anything to be in her place! Back in those days Locke always had a warm smile and teasing comment for me. He never judged what I did. When I'd come home late he'd ask me about the "young gentleman" or "young lady" I'd been out with that night because he wanted to know that I was safe. I just wish he and John had been able to meet each other when he was still alive. Locke would have been so thrilled to know he had a son."


"Whenever I think of Hartsblood I get so depressed now. We used to be so close. He's the one who taught me what it was to be an Elodoth, and how to fight when peacekeeping didn't work. He was my closest 'uncle,' and I always felt so protected when he was around. I always thought he loved me, but then I found out that after the bus crash he decided not to go searching for me when I was lost. He made sure everyone else was brought back to New Orleans-- even Muse who had been taken to a hospital in Chicago-- but not me. Sapphire had to talk him into going up there, and even then he didn't look very long or hard for me. In fact, none of my friends or family even seemed to care. Every one of them stayed home or went to an elysium the night I died. If I had been Michael or anyone else they wouldn't have done that. They would have blown off the elysium and rushed to Chicago as fast as they could go. It makes me so depressed.
Maybe because I wasn't a werewolf anymore he didn't have an official responsibility to find me, but how about as a friend who's known me for years and was supposed to care?? How about trying to recover my body so I could have funeral rites? And then to make things worse when I WAS found and Blue almost killed me when we tried to sleep together, Hartsblood told me that we should just give up and end the relationship! This wasn't the Hartsblood I thought I knew! And if he's in love with his wife then he should know better than anyone that you don't encourage couples to just give up! Well, now that I've got my wolf back and feel whole again, we'll see if we can mend any bridges."


"I love Arthur. They just don't make men like him anymore! But it's so painful to watch what he's going through. All these years we both loved someone we couldn't have. And then I found a way to have my someone. I don't think Arthur has the same happy ending in his future, though. I dealt with my pain by being with as many people as I could, but Arthur's done the opposite and has turned into a monk. And now he's really complicated the situation by having a daughter with Marie. I hope this doesn't make things harder on him-- I don't want him to be sad and lonely anymore! People think sinning just leads to pain, but I'd have to say that being chaste is the bigger pain here, poor Arthur!"


"Levi is awesome. He's the bravest werewolf I know! He will never remember the night we slept together, but that night is what gave me courage to go public with my fight with Mother Luna-- all because one werewolf dared to break the litany with me. And then he fearlessly went to Ishtar when she called to him...he was so full of faith that nothing would happen to her. And he was right. And he was so lucky that he was right. Maybe someday someone will domesticate Levi, but I really hope no one does. He's a symbol of freedom! And he better enjoy that freedom while he can. If Hartsblood has his way, those days are numbered."


"I don't know if I'll ever be able to trust you completely again, or if things will ever go back to the way they were between us. Part of me really wants it to, but now that I'm finally happily living with Mason I'm so afraid to let you into my life...I'm afraid you might try to sabotage my relationship with Mason again. I just need some time to be happy without having to worry about that...time to see if you really are a changed person. I really want to believe you are."


"I haven't had a lot of chances to talk to you since you and David got together, but I'm dying to know if your relationship is as wonderful as you dreamed it would be! You look happy-- that's for sure! I hope you have decades of love together and nothing but happiness! Now that I'm a Dragon, too, I'm starting to understand your passion for learning new ways of doing things better. I'm sorry for teasing you about it before!"


"It's been so long since Esheret died...I miss her. Besides Mercedes and me, she's the only other woman I know who could kick ass with two swords! She and I used to do the sexiest routines at Ishtar's Temple where we'd wear chainmail bikinis and sword-fight and cut each other's "armor" off until we were naked and rolling around on the floor! Every time I think of doing that routine again I remember that there's no one else who could do it with me now. Her swords were passed on to me, but now that I'm not a Daughter of Ishtar I don't know if I should keep them...but there's no one else who knows how to use them. Another dead woman's swords...another set of big shoes to fill."


"I got to have Sandra as my Dragon-mentor while I was in Vegas, and while we had some bumpy times it was still a good experience. Out of all of the Daughters I have the most in common with her deep down. We were both Ishtar's ghouls...both Embraced by Gangrels against our will...both of us are bartenders and love tattoos and rock! And...both of us sometimes slept in a cooler full of dirt. Classy! I joked with her that she should have been my sire since my actual sire was insane and didn't want me, and she suddenly got serious and asked if I really wanted her to be my sire. As much as I wanted to say yes and finally belong to a sire, I was too afraid of being controlled and I don't think that will ever change!"


"Kim was one of those people who you always expected would be around forever. I think everyone felt that way. Everyone was in shock when we heard that he'd one could believe it. I think in our hearts we all want to believe that he's just trapped somewhere and will return someday. Ishtar's never been the same since we lost him. Her eyes were always bright and full of mischief when I was a teenager. Now-- no matter how happy she seems-- there's always sadness behind her eyes. Kim brought Ishtar to life like no one else could, and Ishtar made him into the strong, outgoing leader that we knew and loved. Every one of us who wears one of Kim's enchanted jewelry-pieces thinks of him every time we see it, and feels grateful that he cared enough to make it for us."


"Oh Bahau! If there's one person who I wish I could talk to again right now it's you! I don't know if you can see or hear across the veil wherever you are, but I'm going to pretend you can.
Can you see our son? Do you love him? Did you think I made the right choice telling him I was his sister for all those years, and then revealing I was really his mother? Do you like the way he's growing up? What would you teach him or tell him if you could? Did you see his wedding? Can you see him when he's performing on stage? Can you see your...I mean OUR...grandkids? *momentary eep-face* Those two nights we had together-- were they as good for you as they were for me? Did it erase Sunny from your mind, or did you just settle for me because you couldn't have her and you would have dropped me in a heartbeat if she'd given you a chance? What if being with you and having a family together would have helped me get over Blue? I might not have been too far gone yet to be saved. I think I would have liked to try."


"See?? I TOLD you you'd be so much happier with Isharu! Who could understand you as completely as she does? You're made for each other! I admit...sometimes I see how happy you are together and feel a little envious. When the two of you are together it's so effortless. No bickering or suspicions or contention. That's what I wish I had. Thank you for still being my friend even after I hurt you. I hope I'll always have you in my corner."


"It's so crazy knowing that whenever I go to the Hellhouse in Chicago that Jennifer's spirit is there watching and waiting to welcome me home! There are so many things I want to ask her about the afterlife, but I've already tried to ask her and she can't tell me anything. She sounds very happy to be the city spirit. I've toyed with the idea of telling Marie that she's there, but I don't want to give Marie a reason to go to Chicago right now."


"I'll never forget the first time I met George! It was my first day as a bartender at Ishtar's Temple, and he was the bouncer on duty. We flirted a lot that night...both of us players who knew how to play the game...and the minute the last customer was out the door after closing, we locked up and fucked right there on the bar! And that's pretty much been our relationship ever since! We're good friends, AND we know that if we're having a bad night or get rejected by someone we were hoping to sleep with we can always turn to each other! George is a big guy who knows how I like it, and it's so rare to find someone willing to do anything to satisfy me! (Well...ALMOST anything! He's too straight to give me my ultimate fantasy!)


"I wish nothing but peace upon Horus' soul. He blamed himself for Michael's death, and I let him know that I forgave him, but it was never the same between us. And then when Mother Luna returned and stripped Horus and his pack of their wolves for turning from her and following Ishtar, Horus couldn't take being without his wolf and killed himself. No one understands better than me the black despair that comes over you after you lose your wolf. I tried to take my life multiple times so I definitely don't blame him for what he did. I just wish I could have had a chance to talk to him before he was gone."


"When I believed Michael was dead, anytime I thought about him I would start to tear up. Michael was everything to me. That sounds like a big claim to make, but because of him we had a complete pack and an amazing band, and when he married Sunny he was going to officially be my brother. He gave music to my lyrics, brought my words to life, and inspired me to not accept anything less than perfection. Even though he pushed me hard, he was so nonjudgmental when I made mistakes in my life. He was so brave and mature for his age-- I kept forgetting that he was only a year older than my Lance! Just when it felt like we were really getting close he was taken away from us. And then...years later...we found out he was alive! Another miracle! I almost fainted the first time I heard his voice again and then saw him with my own eyes! I was so overwhelmed with shock and excitement! And now we're really family-- not only because he's my brother-in-law, but because his sister is my daughter-in-law!


"It's true that I haven't completely forgotten you. It's true that we are somehow connected to each other on some kind of cosmic level. But I'm still very wary that if I let you back into my life you'd do something to try to sabotage my relationship with Mason. So I'm just going to enjoy living in Las Vegas with Mason and making the city strong. And one day our paths may bring us back together."


"Of all the people I was afraid would start treating me differently after I was Embraced, you were the LAST one I thought would! I thought we were friends...sisters, even! You saw how depressed and lost and helpless I was in the days after my Embrace. I came to you begging for help and you took advantage of me! Would you charge Ishtar or Sunny or Marie or Isharu to feed if they were in desperate need of help? Well I hope the money I earned you from stripping was worth it because I'll never go to you for help again."


"Out of all of the Angels Cherry is the one who's the hardest to get to know, and I just never know where I stand with her! The first time I slept over at Devin's house, the next morning Cherry was giving me the cold shoulder and acting like I was an intruder and should go. And in the weeks after that I found myself constantly trying to reassure Cherry that I wasn't stalking her sister! And then weeks after that there she was telling me that Devin loved me and I better not hurt her! There's no pleasing Cherry! Well, unless you're Michael. I know that legacy-thing was just an excuse for why she seduced him. Sunny says she forgives her, but if *I* was Sunny, Cherry would be lucky she's still alive!"


"As much as Akita's death was a heavy blow for me, it must have been so much more painful for Bella. I haven't even talked to her since the days after his funeral because of how everything went down between me and Devin. I hope the Fallen Angels are looking after her and making sure she's doing OK. Bella is such a delicate, beautiful flower. She reminds me a lot of Sunny with how sweet and gentle and tender-hearted she is. She's such a unique and fascinating person...I hope losing Akita doesn't make her want to fade back into the shadows like the last time a relationship ended badly for her."


"Trista is so selfless and tireless. She has these amazing talents and powers that people are always calling on her for, and she's always willing to help. But it's more than just that. She really had a thing for Akita...I mean, she really liked him. But then she found out that Bella liked him, too, and because of everything Bella's been through with men and how hard it is for Bella to open up to a man she likes, Trista sacrificed what could have been her own relationship so Bella could have one. I'm glad that if Kirk was going to settle down with someone that it was someone I liked-- as mismatched as I think he and Trista are!"


"I can't explain why whenever we're alone together Prince Alberto is able to so easily break my resolve not to have sex with him anymore! I can't even stay mad at him, either! He knows just the right compliments to say to make me putty in his hands...and his hands do a great job of turning me into putty all on their own! It's probably because I know what lies in store for me if I give in! Women would give anything to spend just one night with him if they only knew how good it would be. I know because I have. And it was."


"After I tried to kill Devin and failed I knew there was one person in the world who probably hated Devin more than I did and wouldn't be sorry to see her dead, and that was Raeth. I knew he'd help me with a plot I'd hatched-- even though we didn't part on the best terms. What I didn't anticipate was how much he's changed in the years since he left. He's become so wise and has learned to much about why he did the things he did. He still has to fight his temper and impulses at times, but he's come so far! It's like seeing what I could do if I worked as hard as he has. When I asked him to help me with my plan he looked so sad. He said something that made such a big impact on me, and I wrote it down and look at it whenever I feel my temper trying to take over. He told me, 'I desire with every fiber of my being that you not turn into anything that resembles Devin, but part of love is letting go of controlling anyone else.' It just took all the vengeance out of my heart, lucky for Devin."


"The first time I met Kirk I knew that if I'd never met Blue, Kirk would have been the werewolf I'd have fallen for and pined over and wanted to be with. Simply put, he's my type. And I didn't even know I had a 'type' until I realized how many things he has in common with Blue. Both are tall, lean, blond, and rugged (Oh god...this sounds like my dad! Maybe I've been subconsciously searching for my dad in the men I'm attracted to!). Both like metal and rock. Both are very shy until you get to know them. Both have a gentle, vulnerable quality to them and are awkward around women. But there's one thing Kirk has that Blue didn't, and that's an fun-loving happiness that just radiates out of him in a beautiful big smile. It was so hard to get Blue to smile and laugh, but Kirk LIVES to make people smile and laugh! When Kirk told me he had a crush on Sunny I was SO angry and resentful! This ALWAYS happened to to me growing up! Every man I was attracted to or had a crush on always wanted Sunny, and she never wanted them back! Well I'm not going through this again. I control my heart now, and my heart's already made its choice."


"Mason is such a beautiful, patient, classy, sexy man. He's never spoken a harsh word to me...never guilt-tripped me or pointed out my screw-ups or held them over my head. Without a word he knows what I need when I'm hurting. SOME people think it's just an act, but Mason doesn't try to pressure me into anything the way so many other people have. He only wants what's best for me, and he has an amazing way of telling it like it is so I can find the right answer to a complicated question. And if all of that isn't wonderful enough, he's also the most compatible lover I've ever had. We do things together and have experiences that I've always craved from a partner! And he finally opened up to me and showed me the dark corners of his past. Everyone needs someone they can pour their heart out to, and I'm honored to be that someone for him."


"When I first met Gilgamesh he was a very satisfying lover-- rough and dominant! Then when I got to know him better I found out that he's a very spiritual man fiercely devoted to the goddess Ishtar. At that time I was training to become one of Her priestesses, and when Gilgamesh's pack asked if I could be their priestess Marie said yes. I grew very close to Gilgamesh and loved him as a spiritual brother. But after I rejected the goddess Ishtar I could tell that things weren't the same between us anymore. I hope someday we can be good friends again like we were before."


"Boy did this princess take me by surprise! I've never met anyone like her-- especially for a princess! She's so mysterious! She's very blunt and tells you exactly what she's thinking, but just when you THINK you've got her all figured out you find out you're wrong! I bet she keeps everyone on their toes! I try not to sound like a bumbling idiot around her, but she's so stunning! Those lips and those breasts are so distracting! It's probably a good thing she's straight! I'm already in enough trouble because of Daeva princes!"

Sin's Family
Don & Suzanne Davis
Sin's grandparents

"My grandparents raised me
from the time I was born;
they deserved better than
how I treated them growing up,
and I've been trying to
make up for it."

Robin -aka Porche- Davis
Sin's mother

"I wish I'd had more time
with Mom after I Changed!
She was finally starting
to reach out to me.
I was so starved for her affection!
Did she want to be a mom?
Why was she so cold and emotionless to me?
Did she love me at all?"

Lane Brentwood
Sin's father

"When I found out who my dad was
and that he was still alive
I couldn't stay away. I had a dad!
He may not have the best history
but he's mine.
I don't have the best history, myself,
but I still need to be loved,
and so does he--
especially by his family.
Family should always give
each other second chances."

Sunny Carver
Sin's half-sister

"Sometimes I'm jealous of you
for everything you got
that you didn't even try for.
But when I'm with you
it all melts away.
I was so happy when I
found out we were sisters
because we were best friends
for so many years.
But I was also miserable
because I knew this meant
I would never have
a chance with you."

Sin's older son

"Lance is so handsome, strong,
and athletic like his father.
And he finally got his wish
to be a werewolf!!
I recognized that eager look
in his eyes after his change
and got him fixed right away!
If he's as passionate as I was
as a new wolf
he'll thank me later!"

Tristan -aka- Little B -aka- Chantz
Sin's younger son

"When I look at Little B
I see Bahau looking back at me.
Tristan is so talented and smart.
He loves performing & songwriting
like I do, and is so talented at it!
He's going to be a great mage
like his dad!
He's a hopeless romantic like me;
and I'm so happy that he & Jessica
got their happy ending."

Jessica -aka- Jacqueline -aka- Seven
Sin's daughter-in-law
Tristan's wife

"I was always excited
that Tristan loved Jessica
because I loved the Brinks.
But after they got engaged
Jessica and I butted heads a lot
because we didn't approve
of each other's lifestyles.
Now we work hard at
being accepting of each other!"

I've Tapped That!
Shawn Larsen
Prince Alberto Fortier
Prince Mason

Would've If I Could've!
Papa M'Butu
Princess Masuimi
Joe (Ishtar shouldn't have bragged so much about him!)

"I Don't Know How To Stop"
by Sin

Head lights, red lights, got it in my sights
Nothings in my way
No sound, hush now, push the pedal down
got no time to waste
It's a long way home, you just crossed a borderline
When I say go, you know you better hold on tight

I don't know how to stop, I give it all I've got
It's like my brakes are shot
I gotta have too much, I don't know how to stop
Gets crazy but so what?
You know it's what you want so give it up
And don't be scared of how good it feels

One speed, full speed, that is all I need
They can eat my dust, hell yeah, rock on
Will you come along, do I have your trust?
It's a long way down, if you're getting this high
When I say now, you had better hold on tight

And now that I'm here with you, here's what were gonna do
You know you don't want me to yeah!
How good it feels, tell me how good it feels
Don't be scared, scared, scared, scared of how good it feels!

I don't know how to stop, I give it all I've got
It's like my brakes are shot
I gotta have too much, I don't know how to stop
Gets crazy but so what?
You know it's what you want so give it up
And don't be scared of how good it feels
Tell me how good it feels, I don't know how to stop...
How good it feels...I don't know how to stop